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Queen's University

Winter 2012 Newsletter


Updated Service Catalogue Now Available

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In late 2011, our service catalogue underwent an extensive review and revision process. Our goal was to make it easier for users to find the services they are interested in and to know if they are eligible to receive them.


To view the updated service catalogue, click on the "Services" tab at the top of the ITServices website, or use this link:






Service Categories

Our catalogue now boasts more than 20 different service categories to help you narrow down your search. When you click on a category, all of the services within that category become visible, and each service on the list is a link to the webpage that offers all of the details relating to that service.



The Expand/Collapse functionality has been broadened so you can now expand or collapse all of the categories at once. As well, you can selectively expand any single category you are interested in, and have more than one category open at a time.


Role-Based Service Availability

If you prefer to review the services available to you based on your role at the University, you can click on the Students, Faculty, Staff and Departments links to see a role-specific service list.


New Services

You will notice that some services are marked with a   icon. This flag denotes services that have been recently rolled out, services that were previously offered on an ad hoc basis but are now available to the entire Queen's community, or services for which new web pages have been created. In addition, the What's New web page summarizes major changes relating to new, significantly altered, and retired services.


Regular Updates

Our service catalogue is reviewed and updated on a monthly basis. A revision date now appears at the bottom of all service catalogue pages.


We Want Your Feedback!


We care about what you think, and updating our existing service catalogue is only the first step. Later this year, we will be seeking your input about our services through a survey. Your feedback will help shape our future service direction.


We hope the changes we've already made will make it easier for you to find and learn about our current service offerings. If you have any additional suggestions for improvement, please email them to





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