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Queen's University

Winter 2012 Newsletter


Slippage: What Did You Say?!

More slips of the tongue that we've been using lately. See if you can match the word with its definition:


1. Benefats a. that naked feeling you get when parted from your laptop for too long
2. Excelited b. desperate for help embedding content into an ITServices application
3. Procrastivity c. enthusiastic about spreadsheets
4. Embeg d. an overabundance of sweets/baked goods in one's workplace
5. Laptopless e. putting off tasks for so long that they eventually don't need to be done, thus making you more productive for not having wasted time on unnecessary work

Send us your favourite “slippages” at and we’ll publish them in a future edition of the newsletter. Ours are largely related to ITServices, but yours don't have to be.






Solution for Fall 2011 Words


1. Gatherments --> b. what you end up with once you've completed the business requirements gathering process
2. Compliable --> d. a program that's compliant and compatible
3. Scribulations --> e. unpolished or stream-of-consciousness writings
4. Fired --> a. finally hired
5. Appliction --> c. an application that is painful to use or support





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