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Queen's University

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Time Saving Tips and Tricks

We've pulled together a few more time saving tips and tricks that we hope you will find useful. If you have a great time saving tip, send it to us at and we'll publish it in a future issue.



Replacing Images in WebPublish

Image of the assets page with red arrows pointing to delete and new asset buttonsMaking changes to images in WebPublish (or other) documents can be time consuming if you have to wade through a lot of images and edited versions of images to find the ones you eventually used in a document. Save time by storing the "final images used" in a separate folder for each article or document you create.

The most efficient way to replace images in a document in WebPublish is to first delete them in WebPublish from the Assets page. Second, go to the directory containing the final images you uploaded from your PC. Make a copy and edit them. Upload the edited images into WebPublish to the Assets page. As long as you are not changing the size of the images or the file name, you never have to edit the actual document! When you refresh the WebPublish document in your browser, the new images will be displayed.




No Ads and Faster Browsing - Adblock Plus (ABP) Red Adblock Plus icon

Commercial advertising can be annoying when browsing non-commercial websites for information; and adverts can really slow down web page loading times!


How many times have you gone searching for something "free" only to find yourself mistakenly clicking on commercial we sites and being asked to pay a fee to read further or purchase a product? It's a waste of time for many people. If you are a Firefox browser user, one cool solution is Adblock Plus, winner of the 2010 and 2011 Reader's Choice Awards.


Adblock Plus is a free extension for Firefox that strips adverts from web pages. This 2009 YouTube video on Adblock Plus shows you how it works, how to install it, how to uninstall it and how to get help - all in just over a minute. More about this Firefox extension is located on the Adblock Plus web site.


Saving Time with "DownLoadThemAll" (dTa)

Icon for dTa firefox extension

If you need to do a lot of downloading of files from web pages, this Firefox browser extension will speed up your downloads and allow you to download files (or images or embedded objects) linked on a single web page without having to click (and save) on each link! It is also fully configurable to download only what you want (oneClick capability). DownThemAll (or more commonly called "dTa" for short) is a download manager and features an advanced accelerator (reportedly increases speed up to 400 percent) and also includes "pause" and "resume" capability.


Learn more about this cool Firefox extension that can save you time on the DownLoadThemAll Home Page.















Computer Repair Service on Campus

Did you know there is a computer repair service on the Queen's campus? The Computer Repair Service is located on the Lower Level of Stauffer Library. It is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.


Did you know that if you purchase your computer from Campus Computer Sales and your unit is in for a warranty hardware repair, the Computer Repair Depot will provide you with a loaner laptop to use for FREE?! Check out their website at: for models serviced and other services, such as backing up your data.

Do You Have a Tip or Trick?

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Thank you to those who submitted tips and tricks for this issue of the ITServices Newsletter.




























Image of Jocelyn Poirier sitting at the front counter

Jocelyn Poirier, a customer service representative of the Computer Repair Depot and a recent Queen's graduate, welcomes customers at the front counter.









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