Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

You're replacing my phone with what? Handset deployment is starting!

Have you heard about Voice Services Replacement (VSR) Project? Information Technology Services (ITS) first brought you the news of this important project in April 2016. Essentially, the VSR Project is centered around the upgrade and replacement of our existing telephone system on campus.

Queen's ITS will begin beta testing of handsets within the department in September 2016.

What’s next in the VSR Project?

Beginning in September 2016, ITS staff will be receiving new handsets in order to test out the deployment protocol. The new handsets will only have Skype for Business functionality such as audio and/or video chat, and do not offer inbound or outbound telephone access.

“This initial deployment will be instrumental in establishing deployment guidelines, support documentation and improve awareness in the organization while ensuring that further rollout across campus will run smoothly when the time comes” says Brad Hannah, Project Manager for the VSR Project.

Keep up with project developments!

You can keep up with the project by visiting the Voice Services Replacement Project page on the ITS website where updates will be posted on an ongoing basis.

Have questions about the VSR Project? Contact the project team.