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WebPublish Update Notes

July 25th Update Notes

On Wednesday, July 25, 2018, ITServices deployed a theming update to WebPublish. While there were a few changes that were applied to all sites, this update introduced a number of new styling options that you can request to have applied to your site, as described below.

To view examples of the new styling options that are available to you, please see our WebPublish Theming Update Guide for screenshots (available in Powerpoint and PDF formats) or view one of our sample sites:

If you would like to apply any of the new styling options to your WebPublish site, please have your site owner submit a request via the ITServices Help Form. Please include the name and URL of your website in your enquiry.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please submit your enquiry via the ITServices Help Form or contact the IT Support Centre at x36666.

Updates Implemented Across All Sites

Feature Before Update After Update
  • Slideshow was displayed with rounded corners.
  • Slides without captions displayed with an empty caption box
  • Slide captions were italicized
  • Slideshow is now displayed with squared corners.
  • Slides without captions are displayed without a caption box, providing a seamless look
  • Slide captions are no longer be italicized
News Feeds
  • Both the page title and any Heading 1 text were displayed on the aggregator page.
  • Tags were displayed in a vertical list format.
  • A "Read More" link duplicated the functionality of the linked title.
  • Only the page title are displayed on the aggregator page - Heading 1 text is accessibly hidden.
  • Tags are displayed inline.
  • The "Read More" link has been removed.
  • The RSS feed icon has been updated.
Collapsible Content
  • A "non-text content" accessibility issue existed.
  • This issue is resolved.

New Styling Options

  • Backgrounds
    • Option to use a white background (i.e., no textured or gradient background)
    • Option to remove the drop-shadow that appears around the main content area 
  • Postscript Region
    You now have two options to differentiate this region from the main content:
    • A subtle hairline
    • Light grey shading

Note: You can also choose not to use any styling for this region. To view examples of these styling options, please see our Site Theme tutorial.

  • Site-wide Block Styling
    Block styling can be set at the site level - if you choose to enable this option, all blocks will appear with the following formatting:
  • No shadow or border
  • Titles will be underlined with your choice of red, gold or grey
  • Blocks without titles will appear with a hairline along the top border when they are placed beneath another block

Note: If you would like to use the new block styling, you will need to manually remove any CSS classes (e.g., internalnews box) that are currently applied to your existing blocks. To view examples of the block styling options, please see our Styling Blocks tutorial.

  • New Block Classes
    In addition to the new block styling, we have introduced a number of new content-specific CSS block classes that you can use to enhance the formatting of your blocks:
    • Profile
    • Calendar
    • Employment Opportunities
    • Blog
    • Accessible Documents
    • Quicklinks
    • Generic List

To view examples of these classes, please see our Styling Blocks tutorial.

Last updated: July 25, 2018