Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Lync Features

Feature Lync 2013 Lync 2013 Basic Lync for O365 Lync for Mac 2011 Lync for Handhelds Lync Web App
Publish and view Status X X   X X  
Status bases on Outlook Calendar Free/busy time X X X X X  
View Status Notes and Out of Office Messages X X   X X  
Add Custom Location X X        
Add a custom note X X   X    
Contacts and Contact Groups
View Contacts list X X   X X  
Modify Contacts list X X   X X  
Tag contacts for status change alerts X X        
Control privacy relationships X X        
search the corporate address book X X   X X  
search Microsoft Outlook contacts X X   X X  
Manage contact groups X X   X    
Expand distribution groups X X     X  

Search for Response Groups

Display recent contacts group X X        
Display current conversations group X X     X  
Display alternate contact views (for example, tile) X X   X    
Sort contacts by Group, Relationship, or New (people who have added you to their contacts list) X X        
Sort contacts by Status (availability) X X   X    
Instant Messaging
Instant messaging with contacts X X X X    
multiple conversations X X X X    
Conversations logged in Outlook X X X Saved in Lync for Mac    
Initiate an Email to a contact X X X X    
Group chat X X ???? ????    
Computer audio            
Multiparty video (gallery view)            
Use in-meeting presenter controls            
Access detailed meeting roster            
Participate in multiparty IM            
Share desktop            
Share a program            
Add anonymous participants            
Dial-in audio conferencing            
Initiate a Meet Now meeting            
Add and Present PowerPoint files            
Add and edit OneNote meeting notes            
Use a whiteboard            
Conduct polls            
Upload files to share with others            
Schedule a meeting or conference            
Create public meetings with static meeting IDs from Outlook            
Q&A Manager            
Initiate a voice call            
Click to call a contact            
Transfer a call            
Manage team call settings            
Manage delegates            
Initiate a call to a Response Group            
Support emergency services (E9-1-1)            
Connect to voice mail and setup or change greeting            
Make calls on behalf of another contact (Managers/delegate)            
Handle another's calls if configured as a delegate            
Manage a high volume of calls            
Call park            
External Users
Initiate IM with a public contact            
Initiate IM with a federated contact            
Conduct two-party or multiparty calls with external users            
Client-side  recording of audio, video, application sharing, desktop sharing, and upload content            
Client-side recording of file transfers, shared OneNote pages, and PowerPoint annotations            
Archiving and Compliance Support
Client-side archiving of IM Conversations in Outlook Conversation History            
Client-side archiving of audio, video, application sharing, desktop sharing, and uploaded content            
Client-side archiving of file transfers, shared OneNote pages, and PowerPoint annotations.