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Information Technology Services

Queen's University Unix Shell Account Policy

Last Updated: August 2, 2005

A) Introduction

This policy describes who is eligible for a Queen's University Unix Shell account, on which systems accounts are created and explains the conditions under which accounts are terminated. For purposes of this document, the term account refers specifically to the unique multi-character or alphanumeric ID (which is normally the same as the User's NetId) created for students, faculty and staff which provide password protected Internet access and home directories for work space on ITS maintained systems. (At one time these systems were also used for email but this is being phased out)

B) Who Can Have an Account

Accounts are assigned free of charge by ITS to eligible members of the Queen's community. These include currently registered Queen's students, faculty and staff with current appointments, and retirees of Queen's University. Queen's accounts are used for purposes related to course work, teaching, administration and research. Queen's accounts are not provided to members of the public. Authorized use of Queen's accounts is governed by the Queen's University Computer User Code of Ethics

C) Account Names and Disk Space

Faculty and staff accounts are uniquely created based on first and last name, where applicable.

Student accounts are unique alphanumeric identifiers, which are automatically generated based on first and last name, and year of registration. Students may only change their account names under extreme circumstances, such as in the case of email harassment or if their name has been legally changed.

Faculty and staff accounts include 100MB of disk space. Student accounts include 30MB of disk space. Details regarding disk space for home directories and mailboxes can be found in the Disk Usage Policy at Queen's University. University students, faculty and staff are urged to read this policy for a description of the disk quota system as well as view a list of ITS expectations for the responsible management of disk space.

D) ITS Machines and Account Termination

The following tables list systems for ITS accounts and describe the account termination policies for students, faculty and staff at Queen's University. When an account is terminated, all files including mail and associated web pages are deleted, unless other arrangements have previously been made. Please note that the information below reflects current policies and procedures and is subject to change without notice.

Queen's Students


Information and Account Termination


Queen's Students



Queen's Faculty, Staff and Students

  • Course accounts are requested by instructors.
  • Project or research accounts require a letter of request by a student's supervisor.
  • Graduate students may bring a current student card to Dupuis G13.


  • Undergraduate accounts. Accounts belonging to undergraduate students who are no longer registered at Queen's University are terminated in Spring of each year. More details can be found at:
  • Graduate accounts. Accounts belonging to students who are no longer registered are suspended in May. Suspended accounts are removed the following May.

Faculty and Staff


Information and Account Termination


Queen's Faculty, Adjuncts and Staff

  • Accounts are requested through ITAdmin Reps. Staff may bring a current staff card to Room G13, Dupuis Hall, to obtain an account, without having to go through their ITAdmin Rep.
  • Generic accounts: Generic accounts for visiting scholars and fellows are available by special request. Account requests must be accompanied by the name and email address of a Sponsor, who takes responsibility for the account.


  • Retired Employees and Emeritus Faculty: The account is kept as long as resources remain available to provide continued service to Queen's retirees. Accounts which have not been used in 6 months are deleted.
  • Termination of Employment by Employee: The account is deleted within one week and mail forwarding services are provided for a period of one year, if requested.
  • Termination of Employment by Queen's: The account is deleted within one week unless other arrangements have been requested by the department.
  • Generic Accounts: The account is deleted at the request of the ITAdmin Rep or sponsor of the account. Accounts without a current sponsor are suspended immediately and deleted in 6 months if no other arrangements are made.
  • In Case of Death: The account is kept for a period of six months and then deleted.

Note: The above procedures for account termination are followed unless other arrangements are made. It is the responsibility of the department ITAdmin Rep to request an exception before an account is deleted, otherwise the data will be lost.