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Creating and Managing Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be very useful tools. They allow you to move immediately to the folder you have bookmarked, in your QShare or in someone else's QShare.


To bookmark a folder or file you must have read access to that folder or file.  If a bookmarked folder or file is moved, deleted, renamed or the read permissions are removed the bookmark will be broken.


Create a Bookmark


  1. Move to the folder or file you want to bookmark 
    • Right mouse click the folder or file
    • From the flyout menu select New Bookmark
  2. The New Bookmark screen will open 
    • The Bookmark Name: field has the name of the file or folder.  You can change this to something more descriptive if you like.
    • The Bookmark Location: is your bookmarks.  Leave the default setting.
    • The Bookmarked File/Folder: is the path to the file or folder that is being bookmarked.  Leave the default setting unless you are editing a broken bookmark. 
    • Click the OK button

Manage Your Bookmarks


  1. On the Main Menu click Bookmarks to open the menu 
    • This menu shows bookmarks you have created, allows you to bookmark a folder, and manage bookmarks
    • Click  Manage Bookmarks
  2. The Manage Bookmarks screen will open 
    • Here you will see all the bookmarks you have currently created.  The icon beside the name indicates whether it is to a folder or to a file.
    • From here you can Delete, Edit, and Move bookmarks.  You can also create a new folder to move a bookmark into.  This allows you to store like bookmarks together
    • Click the New Bookmark Folder button
  3. The New Bookmark Folder screen will open 
    • Give your folder a name
    • You can nest multiple Bookmark Folders in a single folder
    • Click the OK button
  4. Your New Bookmark folder is now in the list 
    • Notice that your new bookmark folder has a star on it.  This helps to show the difference between a folder containing bookmarks and folders you have bookmarked.
    • Check the box beside the bookmarks you want to move into your new bookmark folder
    • Click the Move button
  5. The Move Bookmark screen will open 
    • In the Move: section the bookmarks you selected are shown
    • Click the arrow to the right of the Bookmark Locations
    • The Bookmarks Menu will be shown
    • Click the Bookmarks Menu to open it
    • Select the folder you want to move your bookmarks into. 
    • The folder name will appear in the Bookmark Location: box
    • Click the OK button
  6. The Manage Bookmarks screen will re-open 
    • Your bookmarks are now listed under the new bookmark folder you have just created
    • When you have finished managing your bookmarks click the Exit button
  7. Now when you open your Bookmarks menu 
    • You see your bookmark folder listed with an arrow
    • Click the bookmark to show the bookmarks contained in the folder

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