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QShare Tutorials - Searches

QShare 7.2 has an enhanced search feature. Now it is possible to search almost all file types for both a word in the name of the file or for a phrase within the document.


Since the search functions are so strong it is more important than ever to ensure that you set permissions that allow only the intended users to see your files.


Quick Search


  1. To perform a search
    • Enter your search criteria in the search box
    • Click the magnifying glass
    • The search will be performed and the search results will be displayed on the screen
    • You have the option to Save Search and Save Search Results
  2. Save Your Search 
    • You have the option to Save Search – this saves your search criteria so you can run the search again.
    • Click the Save Search button
  3. The Save Search screen will open
    • Give your search a name
    • Click the OK button
  4. Re-Run your Search 
    • Once Saved you can re-run your search by clicking on the Search menu on the Main Menu
    • From the drop down menu select either Last Search or the name you gave your search
    • Your Search will run again

Save Search Results


You have the option of saving your search results to an HTML file that you can review at another time.


  1. On the Search Results screen 
    • Click the Save Search Results button
  2. The Save Search Results screen will open 
    • Name your Search results
    • Click the OK button
    • Your results will be saved as an html file in your home folder
  3. If you would like to change where the file is saved
    • Click the Down arrow next to the Destination field
    • This will show several folders
    • Click the Home folder.  This will open your Home folder showing you your folders 
    • Navigate to the folder you want to save your search in
    • The folder path will be displayed in the Destination box
    • Click the OK button
  4. To view your Search results 
    • Navigate to the folder where you saved your search results
    • Right mouse click the file and select Open in Browser

Detailed Search


  1. Detailed Search 
    • Where are you going to Search
    • Click the down arrow at the end of the Quick Search box
    • The Search screen will open
    • This search allows you to refine your search
    • File or folder name
      • Contains
      • Equal
    • File content contains
    • Add more Search Criteria
      • Select Property:
        • Name
        • Creation Date
        • File Size
        • File Content
        • Comments
        • Name or File contents
        • Tags
        • Last Modified Date
        • Created By
        • Last Modified By
        • Owner
    • Where all these conditions are met
    • Where Any of these conditions are met

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