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Queen's University

Golden Rules to Safe Computing on Campus


Don't catch a bug Don't Walk Away Think about it, use strong passwords


  1. Your NetID is your network identity at Queen's. The key to your identity is your password. Always use a strong password, and do not share it with anyone! If you must write it down, do not record it alongside your NetID, and do not store it in an easily accessible location (e.g. under the keyboard).
  2. Never store your password in a browser or application.
  3. Install a current antivirus program and scan your computer regularly. ITServices provides free antivirus to the Queen's community for Macintosh and Windows.
  4. Always install the latest updates to each operating system on your computer.
  5. Scan your computer regularly for spyware and adware.
  6. Always logout of applications when you are finished. When using a computer at a public site, always restart the machine after you are finished.
  7. Don't use any CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, memory keys or files given to you by others without scanning them first for viruses.
  8. Never open unexpected email attachments or accept unexpected file transfers.
  9. Backup your computer and/or important files regularly. ITServices provides a backup tool to Queen's staff and faculty.
  10. Limit the amount of information you post on the Internet about yourself, your friends and your family. Remember that your personal information is accessible to everyone in the public domain when you post it on websites like Facebook.
  11. Be informed about hoaxes, scams and phishing attacks. Attacks frequently come in the form of a message from a supposedly trusted source asking for confidential information.
  12. Don't leave your laptop alone. When you are in a public place, it should be within sight at all times.
  13. Whenever possible, secure your laptop to a fixed object with a laptop security cable.
  14. If you are leaving your laptop unattended you should lock it electronically (Windows Key + L in Windows XP, Vista and Window 7) to prevent access by any unauthorized user.
  15. Always use a screensaver with password protection.
  16. Remember that every computer user at Queen's is governed by the Queen's University Computer User Code of Ethics.

Don't get cloned, post limited information Don't get Caught, beware of phishing Not just for trucks, backup often

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