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Queen's University

Phishing Samples


Phishing Samples

The best way to avoid being a victim of a phishing attack is to know what to look for. 
Here are just a few examples of phishing emails seen in circulation at Queen's.


This is not meant to be a definitive list, so don’t assume a suspicious-looking email
is safe if you don’t see it here.


If you’re not sure of a message’s authenticity, you can contact the IT Support Centre
by calling 613-533-6666 during regular business hours, or fill out the online help form.





Recent Phishing


These phishing attempts are directed specifically to Queen's people.  They revolve around our recent upgrade to Office 365 for email.  These look very real, deal with a service upgrade that happened recently. 


If you receive emails similar to these never click the link and provide your NetID and Password. If you did provide your credentials, change your password immediately.  If in doubt always contact the ITSupport Centre before following the instructions.








Sample 1


This first example shows some of the typical characteristics of a phishing email. Not only does it ask for confidential information in a threatening manner, but it was sent from a non-Queen’s email address, includes a generic salutation and is poorly written.


Phishing Sample



Sample 2 - "Spear Phishing" 


This second email is an example of "spear phishing," or an email that is targeted to a specific group of people. This message, falsely attributed to Chancellor David Dodge, was circulated to Queen’s students, informing them about the cancellation of classes. An obvious indication that the email was fake was that it was sent  after  the last day of classes. So there were no classes to cancel on the following week.



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