Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Secure Hard Drive Destruction and Disposal

Sustainability provides a secure E-waste disposal service which can be used to dispose of hard drives.

Secure handling practices for disposal of E-waste

Unused electronics should be recycled or destroyed when no longer required.

The following describes practices for the collection, transportation, and storage of e-waste awaiting destruction.

Please refer to the Queen’s Sustainability Office for guidance on the recycling of unused electronics.


  • Sustainability Office is responsible for: e-waste practices
  • PPS and Purtell are responsible for: the collection, transportation, and storage of e-waste awaiting destruction
  • Greentec is responsible for: the secure destruction of Queen’s e-waste
  • Departments and Faculties are responsible for: secure storage of e-waste awaiting collection, arranging the collection of e-waste, and; reporting loss or stolen e-waste
  • Campus Security is responsible for: investigating reports of loss or stolen e-waste
  • ITS is responsible for: Providing users with guidance on secure handling of e-waste

Collection of E-waste

  • Always adhere to health and safety practices to prevent physical injury
    • E-waste components may contain hazardous waste material
  • Store e-waste in a tamper-proof, locked container, inaccessible to the public
  • Never leave e-waste unattended, in an unsecured container
    • Work in pairs. One person collects the e-waste while the other monitors for safety
  • Transport in a sturdy container and approved vehicle
  • Label e-waste containers to identify the contents.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings:
    • Ensure pickup location is well lighted
    • Avoid picking up material in crowds

Control of E-waste

  • Securely store any e-waste that may contain Queen’s data, while awaiting collection
  • Create a record of collection that indicates name and signature of the person requesting the pickup
  • Update the record with the day, time, and location of drop-off at the destruction location
  • Provide a copy of the collection record to the Sustainability Office
  • Report loss or stolen e-waste to Campus Security

Help & Support

Please contact the IT Support Centre by calling 613.533.6666 during regular business hours or by filling out the online help form.