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Information Technology Services

IT Security Awareness Course

Security awareness training is an important part of Queen's University IT Security Program. The aim of this course is to establish a foundational knowledge across the Queen's community regarding threats you may face online, and how to protect your personal data and Queen's systems and information.

Queen's new IT Security Awareness Course, licensed from the InfoSec Institute, is now available. This self-paced course for faculty and staff covers modules on staying safe online and knowledge about internet security and privacy. This course is targeted towards employees who access the web as part of their jobs, whether it is through websites or email.

Do you have questions about the security course?  Check out the FAQs.

How to Register for the Security Awareness Course

  Step 1: Sign up for the IT Security Awareness Course

To sign up for the course, please click the SIGN UP NOW! button. Clicking the button will open a new message in your email client (for example, Outlook).

The email must be sent from your email address. If you are using Office 365 online, send an email to with a subject of "Sign me up"
and in the body enter your First Name, Last Name and Department and click Send. It may take up to 24 hours to receive your email invitation (during regular university hours).

 Step 2: When you receive your email invitation

You will receive your email invitation in your Queen's inbox. This invitation is specific to you only. To see a sample of a course invitation click the image. Follow the link included in the email to begin your training. 

Notes: You do not need to complete the course in one sitting. You will be able to return and pick up from where you left off until the course is completed. You will receive reminders to begin the course and to complete the course.

  Step 3: When you finish the course

Once you finish the course, you will be sent a variety of phishing emails to hone your skills.

When you receive ANY phishing email:

  • Do NOT click on any links within the email
  • Forward the email to to report it
  • Delete the email from your inbox

Featured Modules

The course is comprised of 5 modules and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. The modules cover a wide range of information security topics and average between 2-20 minutes in length. The course focuses on current trending topics, such as: Phishing, Ransomware and Mobile Security. It is recommended you complete the entire course within a week. You will receive periodic reminders to complete the course until you have finished.



Course Description What is phishing? Why and how is it used? How can you protect yourself from phishes?

Duration: 20:52 mins



Course Description Learn about ransomware, how to identify it, and how to protect your devices.

Duration: 4:38 mins


Mobile Security

Course Description Learn about mobile security (encryption, app permissions, and data wiping).

Duration: 10:31 mins






Members of the Queen's Community who have care and control of or use Sensitive Information, are responsible for accessing and using only that information required for their academic or administrative role(s), for protecting the information from disclosure or unauthorized use by others, and for safeguarding the privacy of personal information about or belonging to others, according to Queen’s University Electronic Information Security Policy.


Last Updated: March 8, 2018