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Queen's University

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Student Data Warehouse 

Description:  The Student Data Warehouse is a collection of data about individual students, applicants, courses, and instructors that has been created from the central Information Management System (IMS) mainframe databases. Department heads would nominate those individuals whose duties require them to have access to collections of private data about applicants, students, awards, or instructors. These users typically want to get an analysis or a listing of a group of applicants or students or awards, rather than looking at individual student records. Individual student records will continue to be available on the existing MVS system using PCICS. Access to the data warehouse is via BI Query.
Company:  Open Text, Queen's University
IT Services Supported Platform:  Windows XP and Vista.  BI Query 10.1.2 is supported by the vendor under Windows 7. ITServices provides "best effort" support of Windows 7.

Requirements & Availability:

This software is available to:  registered staff and faculty users authorized by Libby White (36741) or Marg Hogan (33286).

To use this software :
Follow the instructions at


Windows: The Student Data Warehouse and BI Query User are available through Ida.


Mac: BI Query will not run on a Mac. Mac users may be able to access BI Query through a terminal service.


Support Level: Installation/Referral

Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000