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Ida's Application Manager

When Ida is running, you'll see the Ida icon i in your system tray. When you double-click on it, Ida brings up this window...the Ida Application Manager:


Ida Application Manager

The 'Application Manager' is for accessing your applications not installing them.  To install applications you want Ida's Task Manager.


The Application Manager launches applications or utilities when you double-click on the icon, just like a mini desktop. Right-clicking the icons gives a menu with the option to create a shortcut on the desktop or in the quick launch. There are other utitlities to help you such as the Trouble Report which allows you to send us details of a problem you are having with Ida.

This user has many applications installed, which are listed alphabetically. 


You'll notice that some of the icons have coloured squares or 'stickers' in the upper right of the icon. These stickers are Ida's way of letting you know what state the application is in. For example:

  • Adobe Reader is out of date, as is indicated by the yellow sticker.
  • The red sticker on Advance CS and BI Query User indicates a problem - in this case the Oracle database client hasn't been installed and Ida knows it is needed for these applications
  • A blue sticker on an application means that there is new software which replaces it, typically when the vendor renames it (e.g.Symantec Endpoint Protection replaces Symantec AntiVirus, PASW Statistics replaces SPSS Statistics).


Just because an application appears in Ida's Application Manager doesn't necessarily mean that Ida installed it, only that Ida knows it is there and may know something about its configuration.  Ida knows how to uninstall some software - if it knows how to uninstall an application you will be able to select the Uninstall item when you right-click the icon for the application.



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