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Queen's University

Installing Ida


These instructions assume that the user is a Queen’s student, staff or faculty member and is able to connect to the internet.  


  • network connection
  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7



  1. Connect your computer to the network. 
  2. Start up a web browser and open the Ida web page
  3. Download and install Ida
  4. Review Ida’s initial recommendations in the Task Manager


Note: On a Windows 7 or Vista PC with User Account Control (UAC) enabled Ida should start after the initial install.  On subsequent reboots a Launch Ida button will appear (eventually – it can take a while) and this can be clicked on to start Ida (you will then see the UAC prompt).


Detailed Instructions


  1. Connect your computer to the network. Wireless users on campus should ensure they have an authenticated connection
  2. Start up a web browser and open
  3. Vista and Windows 7 users should click on the link for the small setup Ida_Setup.exe to download and install Ida and skip to step 4.  XP users should click on the link for Ida_FullSetup.exe if this is the first time to install Ida in case you need the .NET 2 install.  .NET 2 is included with the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.


You may see a Microsoft security warning.  Click Run.


Ida requires Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2 to run.  Ida_FullSeup.exe will install .NET 2 if it is not already installed.  If so, you must accept the .NET license agreement and will need to respond to other prompts.

.NET install - 1

.NET install - 2


If you see a Files In Use window like this, close the application(s) listed in the window and click Retry.


.NET install - 3

.NET install - 4



When the Ida install starts, you will see the Welcome window below.  Respond to the prompts on each window.


Ida setup starts

    Ida install - 1

    Ida install - 2


    Ida install - 3

    Ida install - 4



    When the install is completed Ida will start.  When Ida is running there will be an Ida icon (a little i) in the system tray.  


    See the Ida Tutorial and FAQ list for more information. 

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