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JellyfiSSH is a simple bookmark manager for connecting to *NIX boxes like BSD/Linux etc via Telnet or SSH 1 or 2. You can set preferences for each bookmark including the terminal colours, fonts, window size, transparency and default login. Version 4 introduces grouping which allows you to collect similar bookmarks into groups for better management - especially for large numbers of bookmarks, and an improved tunnel setup interface.

JellyfiSSH is a GUI frontend to the ssh utility. In the Terminal, ssh allows you to connect to and operate other computers. With JellyfiSSH you don’t need to memorize all the command line options; you can choose them within JellyfiSSH and then launch a Terminal session. With JellyfiSSH you can also create ssh tunnels. A couple of uses of ssh tunnels are to relay mail through your server even if your hotel network blocks outgoing mail and to control another computer with VNC over a secure, encrypted channel.

Company:  Grepsoft
IT Services Supported Platform:  Macintosh

 Requirements & Availability:


  • To use this software you require a macintosh computer.


  • This software is available to:  Faculty, Staff, and Students.


Support Level: Distribution/Referal

Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000