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Queen's University


Queen's University SAS End User License Agreement for 2015-2016

Licenses under Windows/Unix

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am currently a faculty member/employee/registered student of Queen's University and have received a copy of the indicated SAS products ("Software") from ITS at Queen's University. I may use the SAS Institute Inc. copyright computer software products, which ITS has provided, and in accordance with the Queen's university license agreement with the SAS Institute I agree to the following terms:

  1. I agree to use the Software for the benefit of and only for Queen's "Academic Purposes" defined as: classroom instruction, academic research, course or thesis work and/or Queen's internal administrative matters which are related to the fulfillment of Queen's post secondary degree requirements.
  2. I agree to only install the Software on Queen's- owned or leased machines at Queen's- owned or leased facilities or on my personal computer only for the above "Academic Purposes".
  3. I understand and agree that I may not use the Software for any purposes other than the above-described Academic Purposes, including commercial purposes, personal financial gain, time-share, rent, lend to others, or otherwise use the Software except as specifically permitted in this License Agreement.
  4. I understand and agree that I may install Software in a Queen's- owned computer lab provided that access to said Lab and computers is restricted to Queen's university faculty, employees and registered students.
  5. The Software is licensed by Queen’s University for an annual fee that provides for use of the Software during a 12 month period. To continue using the software in subsequent years, an annual renewal fee must be paid.
  6. If Queen’s University does not renew the license agreement for the Software, all end users must remove or uninstall the Software within 1 month of the date where the agreement lapsed. ITS will provide all end users with 60 days notice if the decision is made to not renew the agreement, via an e-mail message sent to all license participants.
  7. The end user will not make the Software available to any other person, whether a member of the Queen’s community or not.
  8.  ITS is not currently in a position to provide technical support for the Software.

No Warranty


Number of copies for 2015-16 _____________


License Type:   Win 32 bit _______ or 64 bit ______                   


If Unix, indicate Operating System _______and number of CPUs ______


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Name: _____________________________ Building:_______________________________

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Email address: __________________________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________ Date:__________________________________

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