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License Solid Edge Tweak



Description:  Solid Edge ST is a computer-aided design (CAD) system for mechanical assembly, part modeling, and drafting. The install from Ida does not  include copying in the Queen's site license file. The tweak should be recommended on initial install of Solid Edge. If at any time, the software is installed, but missing the current license file, the License Solid Edge tweak can be used to license the software.
Company: Siemens
IT Services Supported Platform:  Windows


Requirements & Availability:

Solid Edge is site-licensed to Queen's students, staff, and faculty.  The tweak requires netid/password.

Windows:  run the tweak from Ida.  

Mac: Solid Edge will not run on a Mac OS. Mac users are able to access Solid Edge ST on the computers at the ILC.

Support Level: Installation/Referral

Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000