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Queen's University


Queen's University Software Licensing - Terms and Conditions

In the following terms and conditions, "Software" refers to all copies of the SPSS software that were obtained under Queen's University's annual license agreement.

  1. The Software must be used for academic purposes, as per the license agreement: "Academic Use shall mean an action or task directly and solely related to the course material of the Academic Institution, including research and teaching"
  2. The Software may only be installed on computers owned or controlled by the University..
  3. The Software may not be installed on student-owned computers.Students may use the software in some computer labs and on some library computers, or may purchase the student version from Campus Computer Sales and Servic.
  4. The Software is licensed by Queen's University for an annual fee that provides for use of the Software during a 12 month period.
  5. The end user will not make the Software available to any other person, whether a member of the Queen's community or not.
  6. If Queen's University does not renew the license agreement for the Software, all end users must remove or uninstall the Software within 1 month of the date where the agreement lapsed.  ITServices will provide all end users with 60 days notice if the decision is made not to renew the agreement, via an email message sent to all license participants.
  7. ITServices is not currently in a position to provide technical support for using the Software.  Basic installation assistance will be provided where needed.

This license expires November 2014.

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