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Queen's University

Software Support Statement

Information Technology Services provides five levels of software support to Queen's community computing users:

  • Supported
  • Installation/Referral
  • Referral
  • Distributed/Referral
  • Expired
Applications that are supported by ITServices are assigned one of these support levels, regardless of whether the application is made available from Ida, in the public computing sites, through the Campus Computer Store, or by other means. Any application not explicitly assigned a support level will have a level of ‘Referral’.

First consideration for support will be decided upon by the operating system of the computer. If the operating system on the machine falls under the ‘Expired’ category, all applications on the machine will default to the ‘Referral’ category.

ITServices encourages members of the Queen’s Community to ensure that they have a current, supported, operating system at all times. Feel free to contact the ITServices Support centre for information on supported Operating Systems.

Following are explanations of our levels of support:


  • These applications are commonly used by Queen's students, faculty, and staff. Examples of these types of software are Microsoft's Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.     IT Services will assist you with this software by finding an appropriate solution to your request. That solution could be the referral to the manufacturer of the software product in question.


  • Any application that does not appear on the Supported Software list will automatically default to this category of support. ITServices Support staff will assist users in finding support by referring to online support sites, vendor online support, or vendor email/phone support.


  • These are applications that are packaged by ITServices for distribution by Ida, but are not utilized by the entire community. ITServices Support staff will assist users in installing the application. ITServices defines an installation as being determined by the successful first run of the application.  The usage and features of the program will be supported by the definition for referral support.


  • These are applications that are obtained by ITServices for distribution to specific Queen's Community members. ITServices Support staff will only assist users in obtaining these packages.  ITServices Support staff will assist users in finding support by referring to online support sites, vendor online support, or vendor email/phone support.


  • Software that is no longer supported by ITServices will be directed to the vendor for support or to alternate support locations such as websites. Any software that will be changing to Expired Support ITServices will provide notification to campus for a period of four months before the change in support.  All notifications will be provided on our software list with the date of expiry and to all ITAdmin Support. All expired software will be listed in the expired software table for a period of one year.
  • Note: Software that is no longer supported by the vendor will cease to be supported by ITServices. People with issues with ‘Expired Support' software will be directed to the vendor or websites for further support.

Change in Level of Support

  • ITServices will notify the Queen's Community of any changes in the level of support four months in advance. This information will be posted on the ITServices website and emailed to all Departmental ITReps.

Request Change to the Supported Software List


  • Presently the committee that reviews software applications for support has not convened but will do so in the immediate future. At such time any requests via the Support Software Request Form will be reviewed.

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