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Uploading Content


Note: After uploading a video, it will be displayed in the Media Library with a "Ready" status, but you may encounter an error when attempting to play it. This is because the video is still being processed. Processing takes approximately as long as the length of the video. (e.g. A 3 minute video will take ~3 minutes to process and a 40 minute video will take ~40 minutes to process.)


  1. From the main interface, click the Media Library tab.
  2. Click the +add button on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. button that adds a video
  4. Enter a Title for your video.
    • The Date Produced field is required, but by default it is populated with today's date.
    • Enter any other optional information as you wish.
    • Click the Save & Continue button.
    Enter in some basic details about the video here
  5. (Optional) Add credits (e.g. the speaker in the video).
    • Click the Continue button.
    Enter in here any credits, this is completely optional
  6. You are now in the Manage Content section, where you will upload your video. Click Browse, locate your video file and open it. 
  7. Click Upload.
    • NOTE : Even though you can Save & Continue at this point, if you do not first click  Upload , your video will not actually be uploaded.
    • NOTE: If you do not see the Browse and Upload buttons, it is because you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed. Visit to download and install Adobe Flash Player.
  8. If you want to upload a caption file, simply click the Type dropdown, and choose Captions.
    • Browse and upload the caption file as you did in the previous step for the video
    • Click Save & Continue.
    • steps to browse, open and upload a video
  9. (Optional) Choose to generate thumbnails.
    • NOTE: Your screen may not look exactly as below. This means the video is still processing. If you come back to the video later, you will see the options below.
    • The duration and dimensions may not be filled in automatically. You can choose to enter these manually, or leave them blank as they are not necessary.
  10. When finished, click  Save & Continue.
  11. click save and continue
  12. In the next screen, Web Publishing, you can choose to publish the video to any Web Destinations you have created.
  13. From the list of Web Destinations, click the checkbox beside Default Category under the name of any Web Destinations you would like the video to be in. (If you created your own categories then this will be reflected here, otherwise it will say Default Category)
  14. Click Continue.
  15. choose your web destination
  16. Click Finish and you're ready to embed your video or Web Destination. If you have already embedded a Web Destination, this video will now appear in any Web Destinations you chose in Step 10.
  17. click finish to publish 

Continue to the Embedding Content tutorial.

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