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Information Technology Services

Connecting to OneDrive for Business on Your Windows Phone

 OneDrive for Business and OneDrive for Personal are accessed using the same OneDrive application on the Windows phone.

As a Windows Phone is usually configured initially with a personal Microsoft account, the default settings for your phone are likely similar to what is presented here.

If your application listing does not include OneDrive, it can be installed from the AppStore.   

  1. After installing and logging into OneDrive, your personal account will likely appear.
    • Clicking on the 3 bars in the top left corner will open the main screen allowing you to add/access your Queen's account.

    screen shot illustrating above step

  2. The Main screen will open
    • Click on the Add OneDrive for Business link at the bottom of the screen
    • You will be prompted to enter your username (
    • Click the tab key (or any other key) and you will be redirected to log into the Queen's instance.
    • Enter your password
    • Your Queen's account will now be available in the OneDrive App.

    screen shot illustrating above step

  3. In the Office Applications your OneDrive - Queen's University will now be available
    • The Office screen will show additional accounts related to SharePoint as OneDrive for Business is a component of SharePoint. 
    • Use the OneDrive - Queen's University to access your OneDrive for Business account 

    screen shot illustrating above step