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Queen's University

Configure Android devices for Queen's Exchange  server


Configure Android 4.x


  1. From the Apps screen, tap the icon named Email   DroidEmail.jpg  Do not tap the Gmail icon which is red.
  2. Enter your email address using this format: you enter it will cause problems)
  3. Enter the password for your NetID account
  4. Tap Next
  5. Select Exchange from list of Account types
  6. You will get a message that you can not sign in
  7. Change Server line to
  8. Click Next
  9. A message will appear saying Validating Server Settings
  10. Click OK when you get the Remote Security Administration message
  11. Click Next 
  12. Click Next
  13. Relaunch Email app – you will get a Waiting for Sync message
  14. A notification will appear on your device informing you  a 'Security update is required"
  15. Go to your notification screen
  16. Tap on the Security Update is required notification, tap OK
  17. Activate device administrator request will appear – tap Activate
  18. Your email will start syncing in a few minutes

Configure Android 3.x

Configure your Email

  1. On your Android device Home screen, tap the Apps icon AppsIcon.jpg (Top right)
  2. From the Apps screen, tap the icon named Email DroidEmail.jpg Do not tap the Gmail icon which is red.
  3. Tap Add account (top right) to add your Queen's email account
  4. Enter your email address using this format: (If you enter it will cause problems)
  5. Enter your NetID password and tap the Next button
  6. From the Account Type screen select Exchange from the list of e-mail server types
  7. Error message Setup could not finish this is normal, now tap Edit Details to continue
  8. Domain\Username should be: \
  9. Password: Be sure your password is entered correctly
  10. Server:
  11. Check the box User Secure connection (SSL)
  12. Do not check the box Accept all SSL certificates
  13. Tap Next
  14. Warning: Remote Server Administration message This is normal. The server requires that you allow it to remotely control some security features of your Android device. Do you want to finish setting up this account?  You need to tap Ok to proceed.
  15. Select Send email from this account be default
  16. Select the other listed items to your liking (Select all is recommended)
  17. Tap Next
  18. Activate device administration: The features listed on this last screen are security based.  You must tap Activate to proceed.  Note:  if you are not prompted to Activate during the setup, the Mail screen will display a scrolling message at the top stating that you need to update security settings.  It will then go away.  At this point you can touch the top information bar and scroll the screen down.  You will then see the option to Activate.
  19. Enter a name for this email account, example My Queen's E-mail and tap Next
  20. Your email is now configured, you are almost done, just a few more settings to configure your Calendar.



Configure your Calendar

  1. Top the Apps button and then tap the Settings button
  2. Tap Accounts & Sync
  3. Under General sync settings check the items you wish to enable, recommended: check Background data & check Auto-Sync
  4. Under Manage Accounts, Tap your Queen's account
  5. Under Data & synchronization select the items you wish to have synced Recommended: Sync Calendar, Sync Contacts & Sync Email
  6. Tap the Back button once to return to the previsou screen.
  7. On the Accounts & Sync screen you should now notice a green Sync icon after your account, this indicates your Queen's account is syncing.
  8. Tap the Home button, tap the Apps icon tap the Calendar icon and verify it has your calendar data.
  9. Also, from the Apps screen tap the Contacts icon and verify your contacts are listed.  If not, you need to be sure they are in the correct Contacts within Ms Outlook on your computer.  IT Support Services can help with this.
  10. Calendar note: If you see multiple calendars listed, you have more than one Calendar synced, you may have your Google calendar synced.  This is not a problem, just be sure to view the correct calendar.

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