Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Voice Services and Telephony Billing

Service Level Agreement - Operating Funds (10000 & 15000)

Effective May 1, 2015, all standard voice services will be included in the ITS base budget allocation, resulting in the elimination of recovery-based billing for these services.

The amounts that will be attributed to the base budget allocation for 2015-2016 budget year are based on 2013-2014 actuals.

Non-standard voice services along with non-voice services will continue to be billed on a monthly basis. See Definitions below to identify Billable/Non-Billable services.

Monthly statements will continue to be sent to each department. This will include all billable and non-billable services to help support usage and tracking purposes.

Non-Operating funds (20000-95000) and Accounts Receivable (10000-42098-12xxxx) will continue to be billed and recovered monthly at the published rates on the ITS Service Fees web page. One-time service charges for the installation of new voice and data services for these funds will also remain the same as well as any changes/upgrades to existing services.


Standard Voice Services (Non-billable services):

  • Phone Sets
  • Line
  • Direct Dial-In Number
  • Standard Features (ex. ring again, call forward, conference, auto dial, voicemail, message key)

Non-Standard Voice Services (Billable Services):

  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Inbound Toll Service
  • Teleconferencing Services
  • One Time Charges (voice)
  • Services to provide Campus Telephone Service to locations not on the campus cable plant

Non-Voice Services (Will Continue as Billable Services):

  • Backup Service
  • Data Storage
  • Donald Gordon Billing
  • Firewalls
  • Garage Parking Payment System
  • Internet One Time Charges
  • ITS Annual Maintenance Charges
  • Load Balancer Service
  • One Time Charges (non-voice)
  • Paging Service
  • Support
  • Ticketing Billing Systems
  • Videoconferencing

New Voice Service Requests

 Non-Operating Funds (20000-95000) and Accounts Receivable (10000-42098-12xxxx)

  • For any new requests, ITS will continue to bill the standard installation charge of $110 and the standard monthly rental fees will be applied.

Operating Funds (10000-15000)

  • New telephone service requests will be available to departments/faculties for any new positions added into their area. 
  • Additional telephone service requests for any other reason will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • ITS will charge a one-time fee to cover the equipment and installation of the telephone services.  The ongoing cost of the monthly service will be covered by ITS.
  • Note:  "New requests" refers to installing a new telephone service; if changes are made to existing lines, only the upgrade charges will apply, if required.  See below for pricing.
  • "New positions" refers to newly created positions, not personnel replacements of existing positions

One-Time Fee - $260

  •  Hands-free Phone Set with Call Display (v.3904)
  • Installation
  • Internal extension
  • Standard Features including long distance-unless otherwise specified

Non-Standard Voice Service Pricing (Upgrades):

  • Equipment Upgrades - Hands-Free Phone Set with Call Display (v3904) = $150
  • DID Upgrade - Adding a new direct-in-dial number to an existing line = $100
  • Inbound Toll Service - based on usage at $0.15/minute
  • Installation of new cabling and/or jacks - based on cable length and type 

Last Updated: April 17, 2018