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Queen's University

Create a New Page


Site Administrators, Publishers and Editors can create a page.


  1. From the grey shortcut menu bar select Create a Page
    • Alternatively you can also go to My Workbench, select the Create Content tab, and click Basic page, or go to the Content menu, and click  Add content.  
  2. The Create Basic page screen will open
    • In the Title box enter a name for the page. This title will be used for the Menu link title, but can be changed
    • In the Body section enter the contents for your page
    • When finished scroll down to the lower section of the page.
  3. In the Menu settings area check the box beside Provide a menu link
    • The Menu link title is the same as what you placed in the Title box at the top of the page.  You can change this, but remember to keep it short as it will be on a menu
    • Add a Description of the page.  This will be visible whenever the title is moused over, for example in the bread crumbs or any navigation menu.
    • From the Parent item drop down menu select the folder under which you want the page to be located.  Note:  if you select the main menu your page will become a tab.
    • The Weight menu can be used to move pages up and down in the navigation menu. 
    • If the weight is left as the default 0 and there is more than one page with a weight of 0 they will be sorted alphabetically. 
    • Note:  there are some functions that will automatically change the Weight of files.
    • For more information on page weights see the tutorial Changing The Display Order of Pages.  
  4. Click the Save button. 
    • Your Page will be Saved.  You will see 3 tabs:  View Draft, Edit Draft, Moderate
      • The View Draft tab shows you what your page currently looks like.
      • The Edit Draft tab is used to make additional changes to your page.  When you are finished making changes click the Save button again.
      • The Moderate tab show details about when the page was edited.  Each time the page is saved a new revision of the page is created.  It also allows you to revert to a previous version of the page.
      • Beneath the tabs there is a status box that show the Revision state, if there is a Current draft, and the Moderation state
      • From the Moderate:  drop down menu select the Publish and click the  Apply button. 
      • Your page will then be live and available to everyone.
      • For more information see the tutorial on Publishing or Unpublishing the page.



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