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Revert to a Previous Version of a Page


Site Administrators, Publishers and Editors can revert to a previous version of a page.


The Moderate tab contains a History of the page you are viewing.  Each time the file is saved it is given a revision number and the date, time and who made the revision  is saved as part of the file information.  It is possible to have a page with many revisions.  The green revision is the current published version of the file.  The pink revision is the most recent save of the file.  This could be as a Draft or as a Needs review


  1. To view a previous version of a page click the Moderate tab 
    • Click the view button for the previous version of the page you are interested in. 
    • Note:  this is optional.  You can revert to a previous version without first viewing it.
  2. The Revision will open
    • The page can be viewed but not edited.
    • To return to the Moderate tab and the history of the revisions click the Revisions link in the breadcrumbs of the file
  3. The Moderate tab will re-open 
    • Click  the Revert button
  4. The Are you sure you want to revert to the revision from [day, date, time] screen will open
    • Click the Revert button
  5. The Moderate tab will re-open  
    • There is now a new Revision displayed
    • The Title field indicates that it is a copy of the revision from [day, date, time]
    • The published version remains the same
    • If you click the View Published tab you will see the published version of the page
    • Click the View Draft tab. The older version of the page is displayed.
    • Click Edit Draft to edit the older version of the page.
    • Note:  to re-open the currently published version of the page as a draft, revert back to it.  This will not unpublish the page

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