Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

Creating an Alias URL for a Page

Site Administrators, Publishers and Editors can create an Alias URL

The URL of a page is usually created when the page is first saved.  If the page is moved or cloned (copied) the URL will automatically be changed at that time. 

There are times when a simplified URL is needed, for example to use in printed material. To do this create an Alias URL for the page.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to create an Alias URL for
    • Click the Edit draft tab

    screenshot illustrating above step

  2. The Edit  draft screen will open
    • The breadcrumbs at the top of the page show the path for the file
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen
    • Click on the URL path settings box
    • Uncheck the box beside Generate automatic URL alias
    • In the URL alias dialogue box enter the alias to be used for the page
    • Click the Save button

    screenshot illustrating above step

  3. The View draft screen will re-open
    • Note the breadcrumbs at the top remain the same
    • Hover the mouse over the page name in the Sidebar folder menu
    • The Alias URL for the page is shown at the bottom of the screen
    • This URL can be copied and used in printed material, emails or other locations on the web.

    screenshot illustrating above step