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Information Technology Services

Copy & Paste

Copying & Pasting From Other Sources

You can copy information from other sources, like another web page external to your site.

  • Prepare the area that you want to copy the information into
  • Go to the other web page
  • Select the text you want to copy and use Ctrl+C to copy it
  • return to the page you want to paste the information into
  • Click Ctrl+V to paste it
  • Your text will be copied into the area
  • Note:  check any links to ensure they still work.  If not, fix them

Copying Images

Copying images from another web site is different than copying text.  The code that allows the image to be inserted into the web page contains the location that the image is stored.  When you copy the image you are also copying the location of the image.  If you copy and paste an image into your web site it will slow down the loading of your page as it goes to the other site to retrieve the image.  Additionally, if the image is ever removed from the original site, the image link on your web site will be broken.

  • Go the web site where the image is located
  • Right mouse click on the image and select save picture as... to copy the picture.  Note this is a function of your browser.  The wording may differ but the concept will be the same.
  • The file manager on your computer will open
  • Choose the location on your hard drive to store the image
  • Upload the image to the WebPublish server and imbed the image into your web page.
  • See the Images  tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Copying a Word Doc as Plain Text

Copying text that has been created and formatted in a word processor can be time saving, if it is done correctly.  Word processors have their own codes built into their text.  You don't see them, but they are there.  If you copy and paste a word document into a WebPublish page the text and much of the formatting will be captured.  Unfortunately a lot of extra code will also be captured. Time saved by copying and pasting can be wasted trying to remove the codes.  The best way to paste the contents of a word document into your web page is as Plain Text.  This will capture the text but remove the formatting, replacing it with just basic formatting of heading and paragraphs.

  • Select the text in your word document that you want to copy
  • Use Ctrl+C to copy the text
  • move to your WebPublish document
  • Use the Paste as Plain text button to paste the text into the web page. 

Copying a Word Doc as formatted

  • When copying go to the source word doc
  • Select and copy the text
  • Position the cursor in your doc where you want the text to be copied
  • Click the Paste from Word doc button.

Note: When you Paste as a Word Document you may get extra HTML tags or tags that you would not normally use to get the results you want.  It is better to paste as a Text file.