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Information Technology Services


In WebPublish II images belong to the site, rather than belonging to the page they are originally attached to.  This means that if there is an image that is used multiple times only one copy of the image needs to be uploaded to the server.  Then each time it is used, it is referenced from a single location on the site. 


  • Create subfolders to organize your images
  • Subfolders can be nested
  • Multiple files can be upload to the server at a single time
  • Click on an image and replace it with another one

 Acceptable file types for images are bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, png.

Upload an Image to the Server and imbed it into your web page

  1. Edit the page you want to add an image to
    • Place the cursor where you want the image to be
    • Select the Image icon from the toolbar

    Toolbar with Image icon marked

  2. The Image Properties screen will open
    • Click the Browse Server button

    Image Properties screen with Browse Server button highlighted

  3. The Folders on the server will be displayed
    • On the left side of the screen under Folders is a listing of all the folders currently there
    • On the right side of the screen, thumbnails (default view) of the files currently in the selected folder are displayed
    • By default any files uploaded to the server will be stored in the Images folder.  However you can create  subfolders to organize your images
    • Along the top of the screen are tabs:  Upload, Refresh, Settings, Maximize, Help

    Server folders page

  4. To Create a new sub folder
    • right click on the folder you wish to create a sub folder in
    • Select New Subfolder from the menu

    Create a New Subfolder

  5. The New Name screen will open
    • Enter a name for the folder in the folder name field
    • Click the OK button

    New Name box

  6. Your new folder is created 
    • double click the file name to move into it
    • Click the Upload tab

    select upload tab

  7. The Upload screen will be displayed
    • Click the Add Files button

    add files button

  8. Your Personal Computers desktop will be displayed 
    • Navigate to the image you want to upload
    • Select the file you want to upload
    • Click the Open button
    • Your file will immediately be uploaded
    • Note:  if you select multiple files they will all be uploaded

    select files to upload

  9. Your file(s) will be uploaded to the folder you selected 
    • double click the thumbnail of the image you want to imbed in your file

    show uploaded files

  10. The Image Properties screen will re-open
    • the URL to your uploaded file is filled in
    • Make any changes you want to the Alternative Text, Width, Height, Border, HSpace, VSpace, or Alignment
    • Click the OK button

    Image Properties screen

  11. Your image is now imbedded into your file at the location your cursor was positioned 
    • text

    image placed in text at cursor location

  12. To edit your image right mouse click on the image
    • and select Image Properties from the menu

    use image properties to edit image

  13. The Image Properties screen will open
    • make the changes you would like to the image
    • Click the OK button
    • Note:  as you make these changes they will appear in the preview window so you can adjust them before clicking OK

    Image Properties screen with changes made