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Quick Links Menu



When your web site is first created, by default, it will have two speciality blocks displayed in the Sidebar First area of the screen (left of screen):  Quick Links menu block and News Menu block.  These blocks appear on the main page. These speciality blocks can be populated, moved or deleted


Remove a Quick Link Block

  1. From the Management menu select Structure 
    • the Structure menu will open.
    • Click on Blocks
  2. The Blocks list will open. This shows all the blocks, enabled and disabled   
    • Scroll down to the Sidebar First area
    • Locate Quick Links
    • Click the Delete button
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save blocks button
  3. The Are you sure you want to delete the block Quick Links?  screen will open
    • Click the Delete button
  4. The block Quick Links has been removed notification will be displayed at the top of the screen.
    • Click the Home button to return to your main page
    • The Quick Links menu has been deleted.

Add a Quick Link Menu

  1. Open the Structure menu
    • Select Blocks
  2. The Blocks screen will open
    • Click the Add block button
    • Note: above the Add Blocks button there is a link to Demonstrate Block regions (Site WebPublish).  This link goes to another web page with all the regions on the WebPublish screen identified.  This can help you choose where to place your block.
  3. The Use this page to create a new custom block screen will open 
    • In the Block title field enter the title of the block as you want it to appear on the website. 
      • Note this is optional.  You could place a title in the body section or have no title at all.
    • In the Block description field enter a brief description of the block. 
      • This will be the description that is shown on the Blocks Administration page. This field is mandatory. 
    • In the Block body enter the text for the menu. 
      • Any of the formatting commands available on the editor toolbar can be used.
      • If you did not enter a title in the Block title you can add one here
      • Enter the link titles and then connect the links.
    • In the Region Settings area from the Site WebPublish (default theme) drop down menu select the location you want your menu to appear
    • In the Show block on specific pages section choose where your block will be displayed
      • All pages except those listed will have your block appear on every page of your site.
      • To have your block appear only on the home page select Only the listed pages
      • in the dialogue box enter < front  >
      • Click the Save block button
        • add-quicklink-three.png
        • The Blocks screen will re-open
          • The message The block has been created. will be displayed
          • To see where your block has been added you can scroll down the page and locate it.
          • Click the Home button to return to your main web page.

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