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HIST 221/3.0 Jewish and World Civilizations (until 1492)

Jewish, Arab,  and World Civilization until 1492

As a special topic for 2013, this course will be a dialogue course that will pay particular attention to the relations between Jews and Arabs in History.  Beginning in the time of the Bible, the course will follow the emergence of the Hebrews and the Arabs, and subsequent developments under the Greeks, the Romans, the Christians, and Muslims. The course will examine the changing political alliances among Muslims, Christians, and Jews and cultural interactions between Judaism and Islam.
Instructor:  Dr. Howard Tzvi Adelman/Muhammad Abu Samra, David Yellin College, Jerusalem

HIST 295/3.0  The Holocaust                                                                                                  

The background to and processes of the destruction of the Jews of Europe between 1933 and 1945. Themes to be covered include: modern anti-semitism, Jewish communities in the inter-war era, Nazi racial policies, the Judenrat, the organization of the death camps, the attitudes of the Christian churches, the role of collaborators, the ideology of mass murder, and the questions of 'compliance', 'resistance', and 'silence'.
Instructor:  Gordon Dueck

HIST 344/4.5 Plural Visions: New World Jews and the Invention of Multiculturalism

An examination of the path that led from the state-sanctioned racial profiling of immigrants in the late nineteenth century to current multicultural ideas and policies in Canada and the United States, with an emphasis on the role Jewish intellectuals, politicians, and community leaders played in developing and, sometimes, resisting such changes.
Instructor: Gordon Dueck

RELS 228 Sages, Scholars and Rabbis

Shawna Dolansky
3 units, Fall Term
Meets: Dunning Hall, Rm 11
Time: Tues 8:30-11:30
Level 2 or above or 6.0 units at the 100 level in RELS.
See School of Religion Course Offerings

RELS 398 Judaism in the Modern Age

Instructor: TBA
3 units, Fall Term
Meets: Stirling Hall, Rm 412A
Time: Mon 11:30-2:30
Level 3 or above or 6.0 units at the 100 level in RELS.
See School of Religion Course Offerings


HIST 339/4.5 Jews Without Judaism

This course explores the North American Jewish engagement with modern ideologies such as secularism, antisemitism, liberalism, nationalism, socialism, feminism, and neo-conservativism. Other specific topics include the secularization of universities; the recent retrenchment of Orthodox Judaism; and the resurgence of 'popular atheism'.
Instructor: Gordon Dueck

HIST 400/4.5 Topics in History. Jews on Film: Representations in & Contributions to the North American Media

Seminar on a selected topic in history. Topics change from year to year; course is either being offered for the first time or is being taught by visiting faculty. Consult department office or website for details.
Instructor: Gordon Dueck

RELS 210 Hebrew Bible

William Morrow
3 units, Winter Term
Meets: Ellis Hall, Rm 324
Time: Tues 2:30-5:30
Level 2 or above or 6.0 units at the 100 level in RELS.
See School of Religion Course Offerings


HIST 306/6.0   Holocaust: Problems and Interpretations                                                       

This course examines competing explanations of the genocide of European jewry in the 1930s-40s and how it was allowed to occur. Students develop skills of analyzing historical documents, writing, class participation, and critical debate of historiography.

NOTE: In Fall Term, HIST 306/6.0 meets in the same classroom as HIST 295/3.0.
Instructor:  Gordon Dueck

For prerequisites consult Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar.

GNDS 465/6.0 - Gender Dialogues: Religion, Rights and Experiences(3S) formerly "Diaspora and Feminisms in Jewish Contexts"

This Gender Dialogues course will consider exchanges among Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions using diverse critical theories, practices and texts. It will explore how these experiences influence social, cultural and political engagement with other forms of boundary-crossing.

PREREQUISITE: Third or Fourth-year standing in Gender Studies or SXGD or permission of the Department


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