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Queen's University

Linguistics Faculty

Lorena Jessop

Adjunct Lecturer
M.A. UC Davis
Specialization: Language variation, socio-linguistics, ESL, anthropology

Office: Kingston Hall, Room 416

Courses taught in 2013-14: LING 205

[image of lorena jessop]

Charlotte Reinholtz


Associate Professor and Queen's National Scholar
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Specialization: Syntax, syntax-semantics, morpho-syntax, field methods; Algonquian, Scandinavian, Bantu

Office: Kingston Hall, Room 212b
Telephone: 613 533-2119

Courses taught in 2013-14LING 310, LING 330LING 340 and LING 415

[image of Charlotte Reinholtz]

Anastasia Riehl

Assistant Professor

Director, Strathy Language Unit

Ph.D. Cornell University
Specialization: phonology-phonetics interface,

endangered language documentation, Austronesian

languages, Canadian English varieties

Office:Mackintosh-Corry F406


Courses taught in 2013-14LING 202

[image of anastasia riehl]

Hitay Yükseker

Adjunct Lecturer
M.A., University of Toronto
Specialization: Turkish morpho-syntax interfacing with semantics and/or discourse

Office: Kingston Hall, Room 212e
Tel.: 613 533-6000 ext. 74408

Courses taught in 2013-14: LING 100, LING 320and LING 360

[image of Hitay Yukseker]

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000