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Undergraduate courses in German were offered at Queen's as early as 1870 and were taught on a regular basis after 1888 by John Macgillivray, who founded the Department of German in 1902. Our courses offer comprehensive range of topics in German language, literature and culture. We are also known for a friendly atmosphere and small class sizes. The combination of excellent academic and social opportunities creates a dynamic learning environment in which to explore German culture.

  • Beer garden in Munich, Germany. Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

  • Reichstag- the building of German parliament

  • The carnival of the city of Basel is a major cultural event in the year in Switzerland. Photo by Roland Zumbühl

  • Schweinshaxe in German cuisine is a roasted ham hock. Photo by Clemens Pfeiffer

  • Lane "Dreifaltigkeitsgasse" of The Town Zell am See, Salzburger Land – Austria. Photo by Joachim Köhler.