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Inuktitut course has been offered at Queen’s for the first time in winter term of 2013, when through the process of developing the Mohawk course, the opportunity arose to offer Inuktitut as well. The course gives students rudimentary knowledge of the language and, through an exploration of traditions, philosophies and histories, an understanding of the rich Inuit cultures. The course is offered once a year (either in the fall or winter semester) and fills up very quickly every time.

  • Inukshuk

    Inuksuk is a stone landmark or cairn built by humans, used by the Inuit. Photo by Nunaview.

  • Sedna, the goddess of sea

    Sedna is the goddess of the sea and marine animals in Inuit mythology, also known as the Mother of the Sea or Mistress of the Sea


  • Stop sign in Inuktitut

    Inuktitut syllabics is a writing system used by the Inuit in Nunavut and in Nunavik, Quebec. Photo by Sébastien Lapointe


  • Inuit art

    Festive loon by Kenojuak Ashevak. She was regarded as one of the most notable Canadian pioneers of modern Inuit art


  • Inuit sled

    Traditional qamutik (sled), Cape Dorset. Photo by Ansgar Walk