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Italian has been taught at Queen's since 1896 in the old Department of Romance Languages. The Department of Spanish and Italian was formed in 1920 under the guidance of Professor J.H. Brovedani, who remained head of the department until 1949. The program expanded in the 1970s. Aside from providing elective courses for undergraduate and graduate students from other disciplines, a Medial concentration in Italian was added. Currently, the admission to the medial Plan is suspended, but students are encouraged to pursue the minor in Italian, which benefits many major Plans such Art History, Drama, English, Film or Music.

  • Lake Garda

    The old town of Malcesine with the Scaliger castle and the northern part of Lake Garda.


  • Carnival in Venice

    Carnival in Venice. Photo by Frank Kovalchek.

  • Spagetti

    Spaghetti all' arrabbiata. Photo by Giovanni JL.

  • designer shoes

    Designer shoes in one of Milan’s many shops. Milan is considered one of the world's most important fashion capitals. Photo by Warburg.

  • Florence

    Florence and its architecture. Photo by Stevehdc