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Queen's University

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Indigenous Studies- New Plan!

Beginning this fall, Queen’s students will have the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts general degree plan in Indigenous Studies through the Faculty of Arts and Science.

The plan in Indigenous Studies will be interdisciplinary, and can be completed either as a minor in combination with any major offered in the Faculty of Arts and Science or as a stand-alone general area of study in a three-year degree.

The plan will be administered through the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures and was developed in close consultation with the Queen’s University Aboriginal Council, the Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre (FDASC) and the Aboriginal Council Working Group on Indigenous Curriculum, Knowledge and Research.

Plan: Consists of 30.0 units as described below.

1. CORE COURSES (6.0 units)
A. 6.0 units in DEVS 220/3.0 and DEVS 221/3.0

2.OPTION COURSES (24.0 units)
A.24.0 units from INDG_Options

Options in the Indigenous Studies Plan:

ARTH 231/3.0; ARTH 232/3.0; ARTH 272/3.0; ARTH 372/3.0;
BIOL 319/3.0; BIOL 421/3.0; BIOL 422/3.0;
DEVS 100/6.0; DEVS 320/3.0; DEVS 392-396/3.0; DEVS 492-499/3.0;
DRAM 303/3.0; DRAM 319/3.0;
ENGL 480/6.0; ENGL 481/3.0; ENGL 482/3.0;
GNDS 212/3.0; GNDS 340/3.0; GNDS 375/3.0; GNDS 432/6.0;
GPHY 351/3.0; GPHY 368/3.0;
HIST 124/6.0; HIST 208/3.0; HIST 256/3.0; HIST 262/3.0; HIST 313/6.0; HIST 324/6.0; HIST 335/9.0; HIST 436/4.5; HIST 442/4.5; HIST 455/9.0; HIST 461/4.5; HIST 467/9.0;
HLTH 101/3.0;
INTS 307/3.0; INTS 322/3.0;
LLCU 101/3.0; LLCU 102/3.0;
MUSC 289/3.0; MUSC 488/3.0;
POLS 320/3.0; POLS 347/3.0;
RELS 227/3.0

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