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Queen's University

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures still has open spaces in the following language and culture courses. If you are looking for an elective, you may find your favorite course on this list!!

Language courses  (beginners and intermediate)

ARAB 100: Introductory Modern Standard Arabic
ARAB 200: Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic
GRMN 201 Intermediate German
ITLN 204: Intermediate Italian

Culture Courses (all offered in English!):
Look for them under “Languages, Lit. and Cultures” in SOLUS!

LLCU 247 (formerly SPAN 247):Spanish Cultural Contexts
This survey course covers the historical, social, political and cultural aspects of Spain from its prehistoric period to the present day. PREREQUISITE Level 2

LLCU 200 (formerly IDIS 200): Semiotics: Signs and Meanings
Semiotics is the discipline that studies signs and how these participate in creating meaning. In fact semiotics investigates the phenomena related to meaning and communication. PREREQUISITE Level 2

LLCU 316 (formerly SPAN 316): Introduction to Contemporary Literary Theory and Analysis
An introduction to contemporary literary theories and the analysis of Hispanic texts from reader-, structural-, and author-oriented perspectives. PREREQUISITE Level 3

LLCU 326 (formerly INTS 326): Film in the New Europe
European film is our starting point for investigating the connections between work and art. Topics include: urban space; socialist societies; border crossings, especially gendered labour and cultural flows. PREREQUISITE Level 2

LLCU 340 (formerly ITLN 340): European Romanticism
The course will focus on the major trends of European Romanticism, mainly English, French, German and Italian. PREREQUISITE Level 3

LLCU 495: Latin American Cinema
Explores representative works of the Latin American film industry, with a brief introduction to film analysis. Films will be examined in the context of cultural and historical issues, and their possible relation to literature. PREREQUISITE Level 3

Winter term 2014 Culture Courses

LLCU 233 (formerly ITLN 233): Survey of Italian Literature I:
A survey of Italian literature, through selected texts of representative authors, from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century.  PREREQUISITE Level 2
   *****This course will count as option course toward Plans in English*****

LLCU 248 (formerly SPAN 248): Spanish American Cultural Contexts
This survey course covers a vast area, several cultures, and many centuries. Students are expected to develop a general understanding of Spanish American culture .PREREQUISITE Level 2

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