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Zoe Dunn & Belinda Whyte

Belinda is a 3rd year undergraduate student majoring in Linguistics and minoring in World Language studies. She aspires to be an English teacher in foreign countries. Her interest in languages sparked in the tenth grade when she was introduced to the Spanish language and Latin culture. After taking various language courses in her first year of University, Belinda realized she had a knack for learning grammar and decided she wanted to teach English as a second language to others who share a similar passion.

“Linguistics is constantly challenging all aspects of my brain. Every time you analyze a new set of data you’re learning a new language and its structure. Sometimes there is no absolute answer and you find yourself coming up with ridiculous estimations which become expanded upon after talking with your classmates. The next thing you know what seemed impossible seems practical.”

“I’ve always had a passion for teaching but I never thought I would act upon it. I decided to minor in world languages because I wanted to travel after I graduated and I wanted to be able to communicate with as many people as possible. After volunteering with the Queen’s University International Centre, I learned that I loved teaching English. The combination of learning other languages and teaching my own is what led me to the realization that I wanted to be an ESL teacher.”

Zoe is a 3rd year Linguistics major and Health Studies minor with her heart set on a future career as a speech language pathologist and communication disorders assistant. Her interests in the field of speech-language pathology have been heightened throughout her volunteer placements, and lie primarily with aphasia clients, as well as childhood apraxia and working with special needs children. She has known since the beginning of secondary school that Linguistics is what she wanted to pursue and has loved every minute of her studies here at Queen’s thus far.

“By the time it came to apply to university, I knew that Linguistics was what I wanted to study. Within my first five minutes in LING 100, I was hooked and I knew that I had made the right choice with my studies and institution. Linguistics has already taught me so much and through my studies I have been able to problem solve, think critically, and expand my attention to detail – all skills that have transferred to every other class I have taken at Queen’s and that have helped me be successful.”

“What drew me to the LLCU department at Queen’s was the small class sizes. The ability to have that small group or one-on-one session with a professor in the classroom allowed me to grow more than I imagined. Each professor truly wants you to succeed – but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to give you a challenge. Each of my professors has pushed me just enough so that I can conquer what, in my mind, was the impossible.”

“For me, the combination of Linguistics and Health Studies is wonderful. I was never amazing at chemistry or physics, but I had a passion for biology. With my degree, I am engaging both of my interests in a way that contributes to my future career.”


Belinda and Zoe are excited to be working together as student representatives. They are looking forward to integrating the new LLCU major and introducing new ideas to the department.

Their plans for the upcoming year are:

Increase student involvement. It’s important to us that students in our department are aware of the events happening on campus. We want to strive to include everyone and hopefully have more people attend our activities. Secondly, we would like to continue professor-student events in order to maintain and encourage important relationships. Finally, we would like to raise money for a charity of our choosing. Last year we raised $800 for the Helen Tufts Literacy Foundation and this year we would like to set a goal of $1000.