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Queen's University

Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

World Language Studies

Minor in World Language Studies (LANG-Y)[image of hands and the world]

provides students with communication skills in at least two languages other than English, choosing from among the ten languages offered at Queen's. The planet is becoming ever smaller and globalization is affecting how people live and work. As such, knowledge of multiple languages is a tremendous asset, paving the way for an international career, providing valuable insight into cultural difference, and preparing students for a global future. The Plan can be paired with a Major in a wide variety of fields, such as Global Development Studies, Linguistics, Political Studies, and Music, to name just a few.

  •    CORE COURSES (24.0 units)
  1. 12.0 units from LANG_Languages
  2. 6.0 units from LANG_Languages at the 200-level or above
  3. 6.0 units from LANG_Languages at the 300-level or above
  • OPTION COURSES (6.0 units)
  1.  6.0 units from LANG_Languages; LANG_Concepts

Please note that  no more  than 6.0 units may be at the P00-level and at least TWO different languages from the LANG_Languages list must be chosen

LANG Languages are courses that must develop competence in at least one of the following skills:  reading, writing, or speaking and listening in a language other than English.


Except: GREK 430/6.0;GRMN 105/3.0; GRMN 106/3.0; GRMN 181/3.0; GRMN 221/3.0; GRMN 222/3.0; GRMN 251/3.0; GRMN 252/3.0;GRMN 353/3.0; HEBR 135/3.0;  ITLN 210/3.0; ITLN 215/3.0; ITLN 226/3.0; ITLN 232/3.0; ITLN 233/3.0; ITLN 234/3.0; ITLN 257/3.0; ITLN 308/.30; SPAN 328/3.0; SPAN 316/3.0; SPAN 308/3.0; SPAN 247/3.0; SPAN 248/3.0

LANG Concepts are conceptual courses meet at least one of the following criteria:  Competence in cultural criticism (studies in globalization, diversity and inclusivity), linguistics, psycholinguistics, language acquisition and communicative competence.

HEBR 135/3.0;
IDIS 200/6.0; IDIS 201/6.0;
INTS 306/3.0; INTS 307/3.0; INTS 320/3.0; INTS 321/3.0; INTS 322/3.0;
ITLN 210/3.0; ITLN 215/3.0; ITLN 226/3.0; ITLN 232/3.0; ITLN 233/3.0; ITLN 234/3.0; ITLN 257/3.0; ITLN 308/3.0;
LANG P10/3.0; LANG P11/3.0; LANG 120/3.0; LANG 121/3.0;
LING 100/6.0; LING 202/3.0; LING 205/3.0;
PSYC 321/3.0;
SPAN 247/3.0; SPAN 248/3.0; SPAN 308/3.0; SPAN 316/3.0; SPAN 328/3.0; SPAN 410/3.0.

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000