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Multiculturalism Policies in Contemporary Democracies

Related Research Using the MCP Index

Below is a partial list of papers by other scholars who have used the MCP Index in their analysis. If you have used the Index in your own work and would like your paper added to this list, please contact us.

  1. Jack Citrin, Morris Levy and Matthew Wright, forthcoming. Immigration, Multicultural Policy and Political Support in European Democracies, Comparative Political Studies.

  2. Marc Helbling 2013. Validating integration and citizenship policy indices,  Comparative European Politics 11(5): 555-576.

  3. Maarten Peter Vink and Marc Helbling 2013. Guest Editors: Special Issue: The Use and Misuse of Policy Indices in the Domain of Citizenship and Integration,  Comparative European Politics,  Volume 11, Issue 5

  4. Katie Kleinert (2012) "Terrorism and the Disintegration of Europe: The Effect of Multicultural Government Policy on Domestic Terrorism in Europe", Student Connections: Center for the Study of Europe Special Issue, Brigham Young University.

  5. Koopmans, R., Michalowski, I. and Waibel, S. 2012 Citizenship Rights for Immigrants: National Political Processes and Cross-National Convergence in Western Europe 1980-2008. American Journal of Sociology 117(4): 1202-1245.
    • On the attribution of rights to immigrants, including “cultural difference” rights, in European countries and its determinants.
  6. Wright, M. and Bloemraad, I. 2012 Is there a trade-off between Multiculturalism and Socio-Political Integration? Policy Regimes and Immigrant Incorporation in Comparative Perspective. Perspectives on Politics 2012(10): 77-95
    • On the relationship between multiculturalism and integration and national attachment.
  7. Wright, M. 2011 Policy Regimes and Normative Conceptions of Nationalism in Mass Public Opinion. Comparative Political Studies 44 (5): 598-624.
    • On the relationship between multiculturalism, citizenship, welfare redistribution on one hand, and mass-level conceptions of national identity on the other.
  8. Torpe L. and Lolle H. 2011 Identifying Social Trust in Cross-Country Analysis: Do We Really Measure the Same? Social Indicators Research 103(3): 481-500.
    • On the measurement of social trust in comparative analyses.
  9. Heibling, M. 2011. Validating Citizenship Indicators. Paper for presentation at the 6th ECPR General Conference, Reyjavik, 25-27 August 2011.
    • On the validity of different citizenship indicators.
  10. Kesler, C. and Bloemraad, I. 2010 Does Immigration Erode Social Capital? The Conditional Effects of Immigration-Generated Diversity on Trust, Membership, and Participation across 19 Countries 1981-2000. Canadian Journal of Political Science 2010 42(2): 319-347.
    • On the mediating effects of multiculturalism policies and economic inequalities on the relationship between social diversity and social trust.
  11. Humpage L. 2010 Revisioning comparative welfare state studies: an ‘indigenous dimension’. Policy Studies 31(5): 539-557.
    • On the relevance of the categories of race and ethnicity for typologies of the welfare state.
  12. Humpage, L. 2010 Institutions, interests and ideas: explaining social policy change in welfare states incorporating an indigenous population. Journal of European Social Policy 2010 20(3): 235-247.
    • On change in social policy regarding indigenous people in advanced welfare states.
  13. Schonwalder, K. 2010 Germany Integration policy and pluralism in a self-conscious country of immigration in Vertovec, S. and Wessendorf, S EDS 2010, The Multiculturalism Backlash, European discourses, policies and practices, Abingdon: Routledge.
    • On whether a multiculturalism backlash can be identified in Germany.
  14. Duviesart Dery C. 2010 Reification in the Census? Multiculturalism Policies and Identity Markers in 36 Democracies in Wilson, K. ED 2010 Looking at Ourselves. Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging, Oxford: Inter-disciplinary Press.
    • On the relationship between the strength of multiculturalism policies and the adoption of ethnocultural markers in national censuses.
  15. Van Geel, M. and P. Vedder 2010. The adaptation of non-western and Muslim immigrant adolescents in the Netherlands: An immigrant paradox? Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 51: 398-402.
    • On the relative school performance of immigrant and national adolescents in the Netherlands.
  16. Kim, N.-K. 2009 Multicultural Challenges in Korea: the Current Stage and a Prospect. International Migration 2009: 1-22.
    • On the impact of increasing cultural diversity in the Republic of Korea and its developments.
  17. Damron, R.W. 2009 The Welfare State, Multicultural Policies, and Trust: Examining the Determinants of Immigrant Integration, Paper for the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association 2009.
    • On the impact of multiculturalism policies and the welfare state on immigration integration.
  18. Bloemraad I, Korteweg A and G Yurdakul 2008 Citizenship and Immigration: Multiculturalism, Assimilation and Challenges to the Nation-State. Annual Review of Sociology 34: 153-179.
    • A review of the normative and empirical debates on citizenship.
  19. Levey, G. B. 2008 Multiculturalism and Australian National Identity in Levey GB ED 2008 Political Theory and Australian Multiculturalism, Berghahn Books.
    • On the distinctive nature of Australian multiculturalism, and its contribution to theorizing about multiculturalism.
  20. Hooghe, M., Reeskens T. and Stolle D. 2007 Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Cohesion: Trust and Ethnocentrism in European Societies in Banting K., Courchene TJ and Seidle F.L. EDS 2007 Belonging? Diversity, Recognition and Shared Citizenship in Canada. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy.
    • On the relationship between multiculturalism and other immigration policies on social cohesion in the European context.
  21. Bloemraad, I. 2007 Unity in Diversity? Bridging Models of Multiculturalism and Immigrant Integration. Du Bois Review 4(2): 317-336.
    • Review article on the empirical robustness of current public fears over multiculturalism.
  22. Fraser, R. 2011 Redistribution and Recognition for Migrants and Refugees in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Neo-liberal and Multicultural Discourses in NGO claims-talk. Master Thesis, University of Waikato.
    • On the incorporation of multiculturalism and neo-liberalism discourses in NGO talk regarding migrants and refugees.

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