Master of Science in Healthcare Quality

Master of Science in Healthcare Quality

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Quality care should be the cornerstone of our healthcare system: safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable. Through paradigm shifts, innovation, effective design change, and cooperation between professionals, quality in healthcare can be improved in Canada and throughout the world.


Risk is inevitable in almost every activity. Knowing how to manage these associated risks is a priority. Theoretical and practical application in communication, teamwork, organizational learning, reporting and analysis of systems are just some of the ways we can manage risk, preventing the normalization of deviance.


Safety should be of utmost concern in all healthcare institutions. Utilizing innovative and cutting edge practices in change management and healthcare safety, our students will assume leadership roles in their organization, ensuring patient safety mandates are fulfilled. 

Master of Science in Healthcare Quality Program Overview


The Master of Science in Healthcare Quality MSc(HQ) is the first of its kind, specializing in linking theory and practice in quality, risk, and safety in healthcare. We offer interdisciplinary courses, led by leaders in their fields, valuable international experience and convenient distance learning. Unparalleled in its scope, the new Master of Science in Healthcare Quality is the only program in Canada to address the growing need for interactions across disciplines, professions and communities. Join us on the forefront of improving healthcare quality, risk, and safety in Canada and worldwide. We promote, innovate and disseminate the theoretical and practical core concepts about quality, risk, and safety in healthcare. In the Master of Science in Healthcare Quality program MSc(HQ), you will engage in study and application that will enhance your understanding of quality improvement, and risk reduction, as well as, give you the ability to promote safety within the healthcare system. You will learn how to systematically examine, evaluate and measure current tools and approaches for system improvements.


Academic Pre-Requisites, Deadlines & Fees

Academic Prerequisites

Students applying to this program should refer the School of Graduate Studies Academic Calendar for updated graduate school requirements Students requesting admission to the program will normally have graduated with a minimum of a second class standing of a B or 73% (GPA 3.0) from an accredited, baccalaureate granting University, with a preferred degree in a healthcare discipline, law, business, engineering, or policy studies. Students are also required to have an undergraduate course in statistics and evidence of an understanding of research methodology and or quality improvement experience.

Key Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadline: February 1st of each year


Please visit the Office of the University Registrar for information on Course Fees

Learning Outcomes
International Students

International students and staff are a valued part of the Queen’s Community. Those students that have been accepted in to the MScHQ program and will travel to Canada for the week long intensive course scheduled in Year 1 and Year 2 will not require a visa in Canada. For further information please visit the School of Graduate Studies.



   "The MSc(HQ) program at Queen's University has effectively helped me develop and drive improvements into my practice area.  The measurement and reporting techniques I have learned have been invaluable.  With an eye on systems, I've used my new skills and knowledge to improve care delivery and safety, reduce cost, and build better teams.  I would strongly recommend the MSc(HQ) to any professional who touches the healthcare system."

Jon Schmid, RN, BScN, Clinical Operations Manager | Emergency Department, Royal University Hospital    

    "I was looking for a graduate program that encompassed the bigger system wide issues that are currently affecting the healthcare system in Canada.  As soon as I saw the information about the Queen's MSc in Healthcare Quality, Risk and Safety I knew it was for me because it offered many courses that I was interested in - politics, law, organizational behaviour.  I have really enjoyed the program as it has opened up my eyes to the small changes that can be made in our healthcare system that can improve efficiency and save money while also improving quality and safety for the patient.  Working with a wide range of clinicians and professionals has also broadened my perspective of how complex the issues are in the healthcare system and hardened my resolve to become a leader in facilitating a change for the better."

Lynn Suter BPE, BSc (PT), Physiotherapist

    "I am pursuing the MSc(HQ) Program at Queen’s University as I am interested in examining the Canadian healthcare system from a different perspective and gaining a comprehensive understanding of quality improvement and patient safety in the national and international healthcare landscapes. This has been a wonderful learning experience thus far, which has re-emphasized the importance of delivering patient-centered care and continues to shape the way in which I view the provision of healthcare services."

Aryn Gatto, BA (Hons.)Project Coordinator, Disease Pathway Management Secretariat, Cancer Care Ontario