Welcome, alumni!

If the heart of the university's mission is teaching and research, the success of its alumni is its soul. For faculty at Queen's Music, "getting the job done" goes far beyond securing the next performance or publication. It begins and it ends with students, their intellectual and artistic growth and personal welfare. Our commitment to rigorous training and breadth of experience is brilliantly represented by the accomplishments of our alumni in all the subdisciplines of music. In this we take great pride and reward. Confronting new funding realities in today's university though, we recognize that the generosity of alumni in supplementing funding in areas of scholarships, equipment, and research has long ceased being a fond hope. It is a necessity if the current generation of students is to benefit from the traditionally high standard and richness of experience the public and alumni have come to expect from Queen's.

We look forward to saying "welcome back," hearing your stories and having you join in our Homecoming Weekend celebrations in the Fall. You can click on our photo gallery links to see Homecoming festivities from the current year, as well as from last year. Each year graduating classes related to the current year by multiples of five are featured; if you would like to volunteer as a class-representative for your year please contact Alumni Newsletter Editor, Shirley Roth.

Alumni Newsletter

Queen's Music's most recent Alumni Newsletter, available on this site as a pdf file, is an informative and exciting publication designed to bring you up to date on current musical activities here and to keep you in touch with your fellow alumni. Another exciting innovation at Queen's is the new web community for alumni, The Common Room @ Queen's, located on the Alumni website.

Staying in Touch

Please phone or write us to stay in contact, to make a contribution to the School, or to tell about your successes following graduation from Queen's Music.

Below is a small sample of the musical paths taken by our graduates, indicating the breadth and stature of their achievements:

  • After graduating with a B.Mus. degree in 2004, Sandi Ford completed the Keanu College Musical Instrument Repair program in Fort McMurray, and now works as a musical instrument repair technician in Edmonton.

  • Susan Lewis, class of 1992, completed a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology at Princeton University and currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Musicology at the University of Victoria.

  • After graduating from Queen's, Stephen London completed an advanced certificate in scoring for motion pictures and television at the University of S. California, and is now a film composer in Los Angeles.

  • Jewelle Blackman, a graduate from 2001, is an active performer in the musical theatre scene, currently performing in "Dreamgirls" in Calgary.

  • Christopher Dearlove, who completed a Masters in percussion after graduating from Queen's, now holds the position of Orchestra Manager of the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa.

  • A graduate of the School of Music in 1993, Gavin Douglas completed a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology at the University of Washington, Seattle, and is currently teaching Ethnomusicology at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

  • After several years as a professional musician, performing and recording with the Celtic groups the Glengarry Bhoys and Greenwich Meantime, James Libbey (M.Mus. Toronto 2002) now teaches lower school music and is the Choral Director at the International School of Luxembourg. His first overseas teaching job was in Graz, Austria, where he taught for four years.

  • Percussionist Edward Reifel completed graduate performance studies at the Universities of Ottawa and Toronto, and performs regularly with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir Orchestra, Tafelmusik, Baroque Orchestra, and the National Ballet of Canada Orchestra.

  • After graduating from Queen's Jan Guise (nee Tripe) completed a Masters degree in Music Theory at the University of Western Ontario before pursuing a Masters degree in Library Science. She is currently head of the music library at the University of Manitoba in Winnpeg.

  • Caroline Matt, class of 1999, completed graduate studies in Historical Musicology at the University of Toronto, and is now the Manager of the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra.

  • Several music graduates have completed Master's degrees and are currently enrolled in Doctoral studies. These include Leanne Fetterley (Musicology, University of Toronto), Robin Attas (Music Theory, University of British Columbia), Laura Bolt (Anthropology, University of Toronto), Kate Galloway (Musicology, University of Toronto), Melanie Batoff (Musicology, University of Michigan), Adam Tindale (Sound Engineering, University of Victoria), Cindy Boucher (Ethnomusicology, University of Alberta), Remy Chiu (Musicology, McGill University).

  • Many of our graduates have gone on to successfully complete B.Ed. degrees at Faculties of Education and are now teaching in the public or private school systems.