• A New Tradition – October Showcase Celebration:  In 2009, the class of ‘79 suggested that their year get together to celebrate their 30-Year Reunion on the weekend of the Showcase performance.  They enjoyed being back in Grant Hall listening to all of the ensembles performing, and just being in Grant Hall brought back a myriad of happy memories of years gone by.  This happened again in 2010 when the class of ’80 celebrated their 30th-Year Reunion, and as noted in the YouTube video below they also enjoyed the Showcase performance very much!  Gregory DeSouza BMus’80 was kind enough to design a presentation of their weekend back at Queen’s, and has posted it on YouTube.  To view this touching video, go to: http://www.youtube.com/use/Gregsfamilyvideo

Would you like to organize an alumni get-together?
Since the Showcase performance features all of the large ensembles all performing on one evening, it is a wonderful time to schedule an alumni get-together.

If you would like to organize a get-together with members of your graduating class, you are more than welcome to do the following:

1. Contact Shirley Roth at sr14@queensu.ca, to find out when we have scheduled the Showcase performance for the next year, and provide her with your graduating year. She will then provide you with a contact name from the Queen’s Alumni Office.

2. Queen’s Alumni Office would be happy to send out a confidential letter from you (in fact we now have a draft letter in our office) to everyone in your class. Once your classmates receive the letter - it will be up to them to get back to you.

3. The School of Music will be happy to: (a) arrange for complimentary seating in Grant Hall for the Showcase performance, (b) organize a small reception on the Saturday morning in Harrison-LeCaine Hall, and (c) make reservations for dinner at a local restaurant.