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Queen's School of Music Director’s Report (from Alumni Newsletter 2014, pg. 6)

The 2013/14 year has simply flown by, and we are looking forward
immensely to the opening of the Isabel, as we now affectionately
call the new performing arts centre. I have enjoyed working with and
getting to know Jerry Doiron, Director of the Isabel, and was delighted when he offered to give a colloquium talk to our students on “A Career in the Biz”. Having concerts, rehearsals and some classes at the Isabel will also help us get to know our neighbours in drama, fine art, and film and media better, and we are anticipating many creative collaborations. I hope to see many of you there next October as we celebrate Homecoming with our first Showcase Concert in the new hall.

Also new and exciting is our concurrent program with St. Lawrence College Music and Digital Media Diploma. This opportunity for students to combine the rigour of a BMus Degree with the state-of-the-art technological knowledge in the college program speaks directly to the changing landscape of the music world (see page 4). Interdisciplinary is the word of the day, as we continue to explore connections not only with St. Lawrence and other creative arts departments, but also with the QCM. Our music students continue to find opportunities to link in with the QCM, through course work in pedagogy, teaching the Yamaha Junior Music classes, and leading the Music in Motion summer camp.

Presently we find ourselves at an exciting turning point at the School of Music, as ongoing challenges combined with new opportunities continue to shape our future. The world of professional music making and teaching is changing and as a result we are engaging in new opportunities to focus our creative energies on taking advantage of the best of those changes while at the same time preserving all the things we love and value about our program.

As always, I have to give my very sincere thanks to all of you who continue to support our programs and students so generously. Our endowed funds continue to grow and our fundraisers are always a grand success thanks to your kindness and benevolence. We believe in our talented students and I’m so delighted that so many of you do too!
With my very best wishes for a lovely summer,
Margaret Walker
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