Dr. Olga Malyshko

  • D.C.S., B.Mus., L.Mus. (Piano) (McGill)
  • M.A., Ph.D. (New York Univ.)

Associate Professor (Musicology/Ethnomusicology)

Email: malyshko@queensu.ca

Web Site: http://www.themalyshkocollegium.com/

Dr. Olga Malyshko

Dr. Olga E. Malyshko is an Assistant Professor of Musicology in Mediaeval Studies in the Queen’s School of Music, with areas of expertise in Palaeography, Codicology, Liturgiology, Archivism and Mediaeval Latin. She is also Director of The Collegium Musicum, Curator of The Early Music Instrument Collection as well as Founder of The Early Music Instrument Display Room at Queen’s University. Dr. Malyshko received a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Music History and Literature, a Bachelor of Music in History Honours, and a Licentiate of Music in Concert Piano Performance from McGill University. She holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Historical Musicology from New York University, where she completed her master’s degree on Mozart and Haydn with internationally acclaimed 18th-century musicologist, theorist, and symphonist, Professor Emeritus Jan LaRue, and her doctorate, under the auspices of leading international mediaeval specialist on French music, history and theory, Professor Edward H. Roesner. Her area of specialization is mediaeval liturgical and sacred music of English origin from 1100 to 1400. Dr. Malyshko has presented papers on theoretical and musicological topics in this area at both national and international conferences, and has published in Canadian, American and European journals. Her research is based in England, primarily at Worcester Cathedral, and she is currently writing two books---an historical musicological study, entitled A Reassessment of the Worcester Fragments: A Source Study and Critical Commentary with Transcriptions and Reconstructions of Musical Settings Surviving  in Complete and Fragmentary Form in 2 volumes, and a theoretical text, entitled Ars contrapunctis mediaevalis; Enchiriadis: The Art of Mediaeval Counterpoint; A Practical Manual. Her article "Three Newly-Discovered Fragments at Worcester Cathedral: Another 'Magnus liber organi' Flyleaf" was published in Scriptorium (1998). An article, focussing on the rationalization of the evolution of mediaeval harmonic constructs, and entitled "The Evolution of the 6/3 and its Relationship to Other Dissonance Formations in the English Conductus", appears in Ex tempore: A Journal of Compositional and Theoretical Research in Music (2000). Other articles appear in Notes and the Canadian University Music Review. Dr. Malyshko’s academic research is also directly related to her performance and teaching activities. She and her musical group, The Malyshko Collegium, produced their first professional CD, entitled Musical Echoes of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Vocal and Instrumentally Accompanied Music, circa 900 - circa1600, In memoriam Jan LaRue (1918 – 2004), Olga E. Malyshko, Director, which was released in April 2007, and is being internationally distributed. On April 2, 2007 , Dr. Malyshko was awarded the prestigious, university-wide, competitive Frank Knox Award for Excellence in Teaching by the undergraduate students of The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University for 2006-2007.