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Women Sing, Women Lead: The Transformation of Identity and Emergence of Leadership in Women Through Voice

Kay Kleinerman

"Without question, women in every age have fought for the right to be heard, to participate in the leadership of their societies, to have voice both metaphorically and literally ..."

The Injustice of Singer/Non-Singer labels by Music Educators

Colleen Whidden

"Placing inborn qualities such as innate musical ability at the forefront is equivalent to labeling an individual's musical ability based on color of skin, sex or birthplace ..."

Exploring Co-Implicity within Secondary Students' Experience of Their School Music Environment

Katie Carlisle

"We need to embrace the complexity and contradiction that is inherent in teaching and learning and transform what is perceived to be inherent in school music settings ..."

The Impact Of Participation In School Choirs On The Construction Of Gender Identity: An Autobiographical Narrative

Jenna Lee Moore

"When examining my own gender development, my identification as a trombone player cannot be ignored ..."

Gender, identity and the sixth grade band classroom

Adria R. Hoffman

"As a former middle school band student once told me, 'In middle school, electives are, kind of, like, who you are'..."