Important information regarding Rudiments Prerequisites

Completion of RCM Advanced Rudiments (formerly Grade 2 Rudiments) or its equivalent with a minimum of 80% is expected prior to beginning all BMus and BA (Music) Major/Medial courses. BMus students will be asked to demonstrate completion of this requirement through the entrance theory exam given at the time of audition. BA students wishing to enrol in the Major (Hons) or Medial Music Concentrations will need to provide a transcript or copy of an appropriate certificate.

This requirement is in place to ensure that students have the level of facility with Western musical notation and concepts necessary to succeed in certain School of Music courses. Students interested in these courses, but who do not have this prerequisite, are encouraged to complete the Advanced Rudiments Exam through choosing of the following options: 1) pursue self-study 2) take private tuition or 3) enrol in appropriate course(s) at the Queen’s Conservatory of Music.