Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)



The Bachelor of Music program prepares students for a wide variety of professional careers in music, and for post-graduate study in a chosen area of specialization.

B.Mus. students applying to B.Ed. consecutively

First to Third Years BMUS 2013/14
Fourth Year BMUS 2013/14


The required core component of the program provides students with a solid foundation in musicology, theory, musicianship and applied study. Through their selection of music option courses, students may choose to specialize in one or more of the main areas of study: musicology/ethnomusicology, theory/composition, education, or applied study (performance). Although the majority of the core courses fall into the first two years of the program, students may start to focus their music option choices on a special area as early their first year of study. Students are strongly encouraged to seek academic advising to assist them in planning a program of study that best suits their strengths and needs.

Students who meet higher standards of performing ability, including those entering their first year, may audition in September for acceptance into the "double credit" Applied Study (performance). In addition to their private lessons, students in these courses perform a public recital at the end of the year, and receive 12 units instead of the 6 units associated with other Applied Study courses.

Program Information

This flexible program consists of:
  1. Core required music courses - including musicology, theory, musicianship, applied study (individual lessons) and ensembles (66 units <11.0 credits>)
  2. Music option courses - through their individual selection of courses students can choose to focus on one or more areas in music - musicology/ethnomusicology, theory/composition, education or applied study (performance) - without having to commit to a declared "major" (27-45 units <4.5-7.5 credits>);
  3. Non-music elective courses in any subject within Arts and Science (18-36 units <3.0-6.0 credits>)
    • Students must audition to be accepted into the B.Mus. program, as well as meeting Queen's admissions requirements.
    • Entrance requirements: playing/singing at a RCM Grade 8/9 level, theoretical knowledge equivalent to Grade 2 Rudiments, playing piano at Grade 6 level (for non-piano students).
    • Some accommodation may be made in first year for incoming students who haven't reached the required levels in piano and/or theory.
    • B.Mus. students may not take a minor in another subject.

Additional Information and Requirements