B.Mus. Applied Study Requirements

  • Applied Study Requirements:  Students registered in MUSC 120/6.0, MUSC 121/6.0, MUSC 220/6.0 and MUSC 221/6.0 are required to attend six concerts per term, to a total of 12 concerts per academic session.  This required concert attendance accounts for 10 per cent of the teacher's component of the Applied Study mark at the end of the year.
  • By the end of the second year, students are expected to have attained the Minimum Degree Level in their instrumental or vocal applied study (a proficiency equivalent to that of Grade X of the Royal Conservatory of Music). Students who do not reach this level will be required to continue to study applied music, without additional credit, until this level is successfully achieved.
  • Procurement and costs of accompaniment are the students' responsibility; the School of Music may subsidize a portion of the costs.